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March 1, 2020

Early Bird Registration for CAMOC Krakow 2020 is Now Open! Conference


CAMOC Krakow 2020 Annual Conference: The Right to the City
Museum of Krakow, Krakow, Poland, October 1-3, 2020

CAMOC conferences are key to sharing ideas and experiences about city museums, urban heritage and urban diversity. Every year, in fact, we learn something different from our colleagues, both museum workers and academics, from around the world.
In recent years, cities such as Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro, Gothenburg, Moscow, Milan, Mexico City, Frankfurt and Lisbon among others, have been our hosts. In September 2019, our meeting in Kyoto was a very enriching and productive conference that brought together more than 110 attendees and speakers representing cities from more than 20 different countries.

From October 1 to 3, 2020 we will meet in Krakow, a large and vibrant cultural city in Poland, which houses one of the largest museums in the city in the world: the charming 120-year-old Krakow Museum and its 19 branches. !
With a very important issue for all of us, working in or with city museums – The right to the city – we will have relevant discussions to try to answer questions such as:
-How can museums perform their social functions better?
-Where are the limits of such actions and how should they not be crossed?
-How should controversial issues be addressed?
In addition to discussions and knowledge sharing, we are planning several great complementing events and guided visits in Krakow!

CAMOC Krakow 2020 represents an important milestone for CAMOC as it’s our 15th anniversary! Don’t miss the chance to have your voice heard during this special moment! Check out all the information for CAMOC Krakow 2020 now. We are looking forward to creating a new page in CAMOC’s history with you! Your city museum, CAMOC story!

Early Bird Registration Is Now Open! Available until August 15. To find more information on the conference and to register, check Early Bird Registration.