Milan 2016

Museums & Cultural Landscapes
3-9 July 2016

Landscapes are culture before they are nature; constructs of the imaginationSimon Schama in Landscape and Memory

Our conference formed part of ICOM’s triennial meeting.  The theme of museums and cultural landscapes was a pretty wide-ranging one and it gave us the opportunity to explore a whole variety of topics from Amsterdam’s Red Light district to repairing Sophia’s cultural fabric.

We were joined by three of ICOM’s international committees: ICOFOM (museology), ICAMT (architecture and museum techniques), ICR (regional museums); and MINOM, an ICOM affiliated organisation concerned with social and cultural change.

ICOM’s web site gives an overall account of the triennial meeting.

More about CAMOC Milan 2016:

Detailed Programme


Day One: July 4. Museums and Urban Cultural Landscapes

Day Two: 5 July. Museums between their collections and their environments
Joint CAMOC/ICAMT session

Day Three: 6 July City museums, urban landscapes and urban communities
Ignite session 

Museums and landscape communities
Joint CAMOC/ICR session 


Suay Aksoy, our former Chair, was elected President of ICOM.