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We’d love to welcome you to the conversation and provide a platform for you to share your thoughts on city museums, using CAMOC’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Have you got something you’d like to discuss? Getting involved in CAMOC through our communication channels is easy to do, and we are keen to represent many voices across the world. CAMOC’s website and social media serve as a communication platform for city museums. We are inviting all our CAMOC friends- including those who work in museums about cities, but also anyone involved and interested in urban life: historians, urban planners, architects, and citizens.  It is a place for the exchange of knowledge and ideas that cross national frontiers. You can submit city museum-related information such as exhibition news, conference updates, urban-related projects, and anything else you’d like to add.

Your thoughts on city museums matter a great deal to us. Please get in contact with our communication team at for further details.

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Andréa Cristina Delaplace,  France/ Brazil

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Andréa Cristina Delaplace,  France/ Brazil
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