Krakow 2020 (2021)

CAMOC Krakow 2020 (2021) Digital Annual Conference
The Right to the City, June 9-11, 2021

After several postponements due to the pandemic and the impossibility of travel, the CAMOC Krakow Annual Conference 2020 (2021) went digital.  The online live model was made possible thanks to the fantastic team at the Museum of Krakow. This conference was a high-quality one focusing on the theme “The Right to the City”, and covered three topics: The Right to the City: Strategic Approaches for City Museums; Who Has the Right to the City? State-Of-The-Art Approaches in City Museums; and The Right to a Sustainable Urban Future.

You can find debates by almost forty speakers from 23 countries across Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America in the Krakow Book of Proceedings. In addition to the articles published in this book, we invite you to find the whole conference recordings on CAMOC’s YouTube channel.

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