Frankfurt 2018

HMFRobert Halbe-LUMEN

The Future of Museums of Cities
4-5 June 2018

The Future of Museums of Cities
El Futuro do los Museos de las Cuidades
L’Avenir des Musées des Villes
Die Zukunft der Museen der Städte

CAMOC’s  2018 conference took place at the  Historisches Museum in Frankfurt, Germany on 4-5 June. It was CAMOC’s second conference in Germany following the CAMOC 2011 conference in Berlin.

What is the point of museums of cities, how can we define them, what purpose do they serve, what should be their future?

Cities grow, they decline, they never keep still. How do we reflect this changing artefact in our work – from mass tourism via social diversity, migration and conflict to a sustainable urban future?

The theme, therefore, was simply: the future of museums of cities, based on our mission statement at the top of this page. Our aim will be to share knowledge and debate the state of museums of cities worldwide, including present and future models.

The conference was held in conjunction with ICOM Germany and the Historisches Museum.

More about CAMOC Frankfurt 2018:

Eröffnungswochenende der neuen Dauerausstellungen des Historischen Museums-Die neuen Dauerausstellungen des Historischen Museums Frankfurt ab Oktober 2017, Eröffnung des neuen Ausstellungshauses, Sonntagsprogramm am 8. Oktober 2017

Historisches Museum in Frankfurt re-opened in October 2017 A fundamental aim, set out by its Director Jan Gerchow, is to bring the life of the city into the work of the Museum – see an article by Aikterini Dori of the Museum in the October 2017 issue of our Review.