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Join CAMOC- the only global network for Museums of Cities 

CAMOC has more than 500 individual members and 70 institutional members from across the world. By joining us you can take part in all our activities and make your contribution to the city museum network. This includes writing for the CAMOC Review, proposing projects, and sharing your ideas on CAMOC Social media…You don’t have to work in a museum of the city to become a member and get involved in CAMOC’s activities.

How can an ICOM member join CAMOC?
If you are already an ICOM member, you can register or change your International Committee of choice with CAMOC online, directly through your  ICOM member dashboard.   Check more information in English, French and Spanish.

How to become an ICOM member?
If you are not an ICOM member yet, please apply for membership through your National Committee first. More details about this please read “Become a member of ICOM.

CAMOC would like to welcome members from across the world, each with a unique contribution to make.  We are looking forward to creating a new page in CAMOC’s history together with you! 

At the Lisbon workshop in 2019