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December 27, 2021

Survey: City Museum Global Mapping project Network, Projects

City Museum Global Mapping Survey

What is a city museum today? How many city museums are there in the world? What are their approaches and tools? Museum professionals across the world are teaming up to promote a research survey and develop a digital map that will help answer these questions and help paint a picture of the evolution of city museums worldwide.

Since the turn of this century, city museums worldwide have rethought their missions, forms, and practices to become lively institutions, engaging with their cities and tackling contemporary urban issues. The City Museum Global Mapping (CMGM) project aims to collect detailed information about changes at these institutions.

Along with CAMOC, the project is also supported by ASPAC (Asia-Pacific Alliance), NTUE (National Taipei University of Education), and COMCOL (International Committee for Collecting). 

The goals of the research are to learn about the different types of city museums around the globe — where they are, what they do, and how do they do it — to discover how rich and diverse city museums nowadays are, and to show their role as key actors in contemporary urban socio-cultural scenarios.

The result of the project will be a website and map of identified city museums around the world. A companion book will be published to highlight some of the discoveries of the research. 

The Mapping Project Brochure

Visit the project website to find more information about the project.

CAMOC invited you to fill out the survey and put your city museum on the map.

The survey is provided in ten different languages as below:

The City Museums Global Mapping Project Survey
Das „Global Mapping“ Projekt der Städtischen Museen Umfrage
Proyecto de cartografiado global de museos de ciudad encuesta
都市博物館グローバルマッピング・プロジェクト アンケート
Enquête pour le projet de cartographie mondiale des musées de la ville
Progetto di mappatura mondiale dei musei di città.
Mapeamento Global de Museus de Cidade – Questionário
Глобальная карта музеев городов опрос
إستبيان مشروع تحديد مواقع متاحف المدينة العالمي